Reuters: Obamas, Clintons, Comeys And McCabes Flee To The Maldives


Washington, DC- This morning, Department of Homeland Security officials are reporting that scrutinized top level Democrats have fled to the Maldives according to Reuters.

“We have just confirmed, through passenger manifests from several luxury private jet leasing companies, that the Obama and Clinton families have fled the country,” stated Kirstjen Nielsen, head of Homeland Security. “Two private jets left early this morning for Male Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in the Maldives. The manifests confirmed that the passengers on those two jets were the Obama and Clinton families.”

The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 ring shaped atolls and coral islands that cater to the rich and famous. The Maldives is one of very few countries that do not have an extradition treaty with the United States.

“We have also uncovered a plan for the Comey family and the McCabe family to board private jets to the Maldives,” continued Nielsen. “These jets and all private jet companies have been put on notice to notify our office in the event that any politician should attempt to purchase their services for any trip outside the continental United States.”

“We are currently speaking with the leadership in the Maldives in an attempt to come to terms on a treaty of extradition,” Nielsen explained. “We have great confidence that we can come to some sort of agreement in the very near future.”

6 thoughts on “Reuters: Obamas, Clintons, Comeys And McCabes Flee To The Maldives

  1. This is dated Jan/2018 but this is what I think they will do if they’re not under house arrest…I hope they have frozen their assets, etc. Freeze their bank accounts and use that money for the wall..(Belongs to taxpayers)

  2. Diego Garcia is a few hundred miles from the Maldives, and is a U.S. military base known for high secrecy. So I am wondering if that would have a connection to where the Obamas and Clintons are “hiding out.”

  3. That is the area where that flight went missing a few years back. No one ever figured out where it went. I think it was shot down when that pilot tried to run it into the island (Diego Garcia.) He may have had some martial problems and if the information is correct, likely being of the Muslim persuasion wanted to martyr himself. Just a guess and the information may have been lacking. That is something we will likely never find in this life, anyway.

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