Trump, Obama Negotiate On Who Gets Thrown Under The Bus


Washington, DC- As the leaks of political corruption in DC are reaching a fevered pitch, some reporters are speculating that the two heads of the local crime families are secretly working out a scheme that will allow them to remain in control of their power, wealth and freedoms.

“President Trump and former President Obama, as well as some members of the House and Senate, are currently negotiating a plan to explain all of the leaks and corruption to the American people,” began Meghan McCain, daughter of senator, John McCain, in a phone interview with “In an effort to drain the swamp, President Trump has been slowly exposing the dynamic corruption in Washington. Now that the president has exposed the election fraud, the wiretapping of US citizens and more, the congress is required to investigate these charges. Congress already knows the answers to the questions the American people are asking. Congress doesn’t want to investigate these charges because many of the officials in congress are involved in these very conspiracies.”


When we asked Ms. McCain how she had come to these conclusions, she said, ”Look, I have spent my entire life in politics. Senators and Congressmen are like my uncles. I know first hand about the real dealings and corruption in Washington. It is standard knowledge growing up as the child of a lifelong politician. Right now, Presidents Trump and Obama are secretly meeting with each other, as well as with members of congress, to decide how to explain this mess and who they are going to throw under the bus. Someone has to be responsible for this mess getting out and it certainly isn’t going to be someone in a power seat.”

“So, you are saying that they are trying to figure out who the patsy will be?” I asked.

“Exactly!” Ms. McCain affirmed. “This is much the same as happened during Watergate with the Watergate 7. They are picking the people who will take the fall. Of course they will be buying most of these people off and promising reduced charges and/or sentences. And let’s face facts, the American public and news organizations won’t be following these people after indictment and conviction. They will just go on their merry way and get cushy government contracts on the sly. Look at Haldeman, Erlichman, and Mitchell. They didn’t suffer one bit over their indictments.”

When I asked if she had actual firsthand knowledge of any of these claims, Ms. McCain retorted, “I’ve got to run, I needs a sammich.”

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