Trump, Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer Fiddle While America Burns


Washington, DC- President Trump, Speaker Ryan, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, are playing a dangerous game of chicken with your future. The two aging Democrats are playing a perilous game with their Republican counterparts in the US Congress and Executive branch to see who will blink first in the game of who is most corrupt.

It doesn’t matter who wins this game. The American public has become deaf to the nonsense. We can plainly see that both parties are corrupt beyond compare. What really matters is “who loses”.

President Trump says former President Obama is corrupt for illegally surveilling him and his team. Democrats say President Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. The right points fingers at the left. The left points fingers at the right. The middle points fingers at everyone. Oh, and in the meantime, our country, not to mention the entire world, is struggling with issues of unsustainable debt, hunger, disease, homelessness, radicalism, terrorism, crumbling economies, crumbling infrastructure, unemployment, crime, mass migration, illegal immigration, trade wars, currency devaluation, and many more issues too numerous to mention here.

Why are Americans wasting their outrage on healthcare? Or gay marriage? Or who can use which restroom? The real outrage should be directed at the US Congress. These people, I hesitate to call them leaders, are sitting back in their easy chairs playing their fiddles as Rome burns.

President Lincoln said, in his Lyceum Address, that the Founding Fathers had been a huge success in harvesting this field of glory (the birth of a new nation). Lincoln went on to add, “But new reapers will arise, and they too, will seek a field. It is to deny, what the world tells us is true, to suppose that men of ambition and talents will not continue to spring up amongst us. And, when they do, they will as naturally seek the gratification of their ruling passion, as others have so done before them. The question then, is, can that gratification be found in supporting and maintaining an edifice that has been erected by others? Most certainly it cannot. Many great and good men, sufficiently qualified for any task they should undertake, may ever be found, whose ambition would inspire to nothing beyond a seat in Congress, a gubernatorial or presidential chair; but such not belong to the family of the lion, or the tribe of the eagle. What think you these places would satisfy an Alexander, a Caesar, or a Napoleon? Never! Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. It sees no distinction in adding story to story, upon the monuments of fame, erected to the memory of others. It denies that it is glory enough to serve under any chief. It scorns to follow in the footsteps of any predecessor, however illustrious. It thirsts and burns for distinction; and, if possible, it will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving free men. Is it unreasonable then to expect, that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to it’s utmost stretch, will at some time, spring up among us? And when such a one does, it will require the people to be united with each other, attached to the government and laws, and generally intelligent, to successfully frustrate his designs.”

Well people, those reapers are now hovering over us. The vultures of Congress, with their lofty genius and sufficient ambition, circling the weary, road kill populace, waiting for us to take our last breath that they might swoop in and make their distinction by enslaving these poor and wretched free men. We are not united! We are not generally intelligent! If we were either of these, we would not be succumbing to these grave circumstances we currently allowed ourselves.

Lincoln went on to say, “They (the founders) were the pillars of the temple of liberty; and now, that they have crumbled away, the temple must fall, unless we, their descendents, supply their places with other pillars, hewn from the solid quarry of sober reason. Passion has helped us; but can do so no more. It will in future be our enemy. Reason! Cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason, must furnish all the materials for our support and defense. Let those materials be molded into general intelligence, sound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the constitution and laws: and, that we improved to the last; that we remained free to the last; that we revered his name to the last; that, during his long sleep, we permitted no hostile foot to pass over or desecrate his resting place; shall be that which to learn the last trump shall awaken our Washington.”

Lincoln finished with, “Upon these let the proud fabric of freedom rest, as the rock of it’s basis; and as truly as has been said of the only greater institution, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it!”

We have not elected leaders that are “hewn from a solid quarry of sober reason”! We have elected petulant children driven by egomaniacal and grandiose delusions. While congress continues to make feeble attempts to cover up their own illegal activities, quarrel and bicker over ridiculous minutia, and make absurd power plays, the world is devolving into madness and teetering on a precipice of destruction right before our very eyes.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” say the politicians and news media. “He is of no consequence. Look at the great and mighty picture I want you to see. Refuse to believe what your eyes tell you. Pluck your eyes out if they continue to lie to you, for you are but regular men and your reason is flawed.”

Get off of your lazy asses and contact your legislators and tell them to BLINK! Forget about the world that you are leaving to your children and grandchildren! If you don’t do something, and right soon, the world you leave to yourself, and all who follow, will truly be the gates of Hell. And all because you refused to comprehend the man behind the curtain.

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