Trump Tax Plan To Double Taxes Of All Registered Democrats

Washington, DC- US Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin detailed President Trump’s tax reform plans this morning in a briefing from the White House. “President Trump is proposing dramatic reductions in taxes by overhauling the behemoth tax system in America,” Mnuchin said. “We will be cutting taxes for every American taxpayer and every American business. … Read more

Democrats Reinvent Cold War Anxiety To Discredit Trump

Washington, DC- Dirty politics as usual in DC? Democrat politicians have set out on a plot to reinvent the anxiety and anguish of the cold war in an effort to discredit and possibly move toward impeachment proceedings of President Trump and his staff. After World War II, tensions between the United States and Soviet Russia … Read more

The Piranha Wins DNC Chair Position

Atlanta, GA- Thomas Perez, aka The Piranha to insiders, won the battle to become the next Democratic National Committee chairperson. “It was a tough battle,” declared Mr. Perez as saliva spewed from his lips. “Keith (Ellison) was a worthy opponent. That is why I am naming him my deputy chair.” It should be a pretty … Read more

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