Americans demand Congress get to work.

Asylum Caravans March From Detroit And Chicago To DC

Americans demand Congress get to work.

Detroit, MI- Huge throngs of Americans, estimated in the hundreds of thousands, began their march, from Detroit and Chicago, seeking asylum in the nation’s capitol today.

“Our cities used to be beautiful burgeoning hubs for manufacturing and commerce,” said march organizer and Detroit resident, Darnell Robinson. “Now we are just a big deadly shithole! People from all over the world are caravaning to the United States borders seeking false refuge. We are Americans! We pay taxes! Our cities have been taken over by ruthless druglords and corrupt politicians too! Where the hell is our refuge?”

While most of the marchers are minorities, Chicago native, Maria Balderama wants to make clear that this isn’t about the Black man, it isn’t about the Mexican, but if you look at the streets, it’s about these fucked up situations and these fucked up beliefs. It’s about getting up and living on top. The American dream should start with Americans!”

The march organizers plan to camp out on Capitol Hill until Congress, with their 18% approval rating, passes a comprehensive immigration package and an infrastructure bill that will create jobs and rebuild their cities and others like them. “We are not a third world nation,” Robinson added, “we need to stop acting like one.”

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