Why Your Middle Class Life Is About To Turn To Shit

San Francisco, CA- Have you ever owned or worked for a private company? Of course you have, unless you are one of those useless people that lives on the government dole. You’ve probably worked with some managers and administrators that were great and some not so much. Those managers and administrators on the “not so … Read more



San Francisco, CA- The long history of the American welfare system seems to be a bone of contention for so many in America. While social welfare is a very necessary program, any high dollar program administered by the government will certainly be fraught with fraud, corruption and bloat. The American welfare system contains all of … Read more


The Russian Hacking Investigation Makes One Thing Perfectly Clear

San Francisco, CA- We have now heard testimony before Congress, ad nauseum. We have heard the pundit spin doctors who tell us what we should think, to a sickening degree. And what have we learned? We have learned that everyone in our federal government, elected, appointed or hired, is just another cog in an enormous … Read more

Kushner, Russia, Cannabis

Torah! Torah! Torah! Kushner Bombs Trump Presidency

Washington, DC- With all of the liberal invented controversy swirling around the White House for the last few months, the president’s son in law, Jared Kushner has decided to pile on the “Dump the Trump” fiasco. Jared Kushner, the youngster charged with finding a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, is now under investigation for … Read more

Pseudo Dogooder Mark Zuckerberg

Pseudo-Dogooder, Zuckerberg Exhorts Harvard Grads Toward Communism And False Inclusion

Cambridge, MA- In his commencement speech to the graduating class at Harvard, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg told the grads to push their government for free money and inclusion for everyone. Free money for everyone? OK Zuck, let’s start by handing out that fortune of yours. $83 billion will be a good start in paying every … Read more

America is stuck on the train tracks

Why The Light At The End Of The American Tunnel Is A Train

As you watch the madness that is our American government unfold around you, do you ever get the feeling that the story is too damned real and you are standing on the tracks of an onrushing freight train called The American Apocalypse? Do you also get the feeling that the people around you seem ambivalent, or … Read more


Donald Trump Promised To Lock Her Up! Will You Hold Him To His Promise?

Middle America, USA- During the 2016 presidential campaign, GOP candidate, Donald J. Trump promised Americans that he would Lock Her Up. The her he was referring to was organized crime boss, Hillary Clinton. “And I’ll tell you what. I didn’t think I’d say this, but I’m going to say it, and I hate to say … Read more

Le Pen for the win.

Marine Le Pen Prepares To Trump France And The New World Order

Paris, FR- First Brexit, then Donald J. Trump, and now Marine Le Pen. It appears as though the civilized world is speaking loud and clear as to how they feel about the direction of this whole New World Order. They think the New World Order is BULLSHIT! First, Britain opts out of the European Union … Read more


The Truth Behind The United Airlines Fiasco. Are you Next?

San Francisco, CA- Have you noticed there seems to be a lot of madness in the world? Have you noticed there seems to be an extraordinary number of big guys beating up on little guys lately? Some people say that because we have camera phones and social media, more people get to see or hear … Read more

Your Legislators Are Killing You And Your Country

Dear US Representatives and Senators, This communication is meant for you specifically. YOU have been elected to represent ME in Washington, DC. I am not happy with you, or your cronies. The collective bulwark methods of governing, as well as your “Good Ol Boy’s Club” attitude are no longer tolerable to the constituents across this nation. … Read more

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